Welcome to “Rainbow Mountain Cusco” we are excited to offer the “Rainbow Mountain” or mountain of the 07 colors; located in South America: Peru, in the southern region of Cusco, which will satisfy the most demanding hikers and receive unforgettable memories as sumptuous panoramas of high mountains, formidable glaciers, pristine rivers, lakes, pastoral scenes of alpacas and llamas on the route access to the “Rainbow Mountain”.

This new route is offered on a trips of: FULL DAY – 2D / 01N and 4D / 3N. It is a real adventure through preserved nature and wilderness areas, where the only things around are the ” Rainbow Mountain ” and small communities of Quechua-speaking descendants of the ancient Incas. The route reaches a circuit scale, through the 4710 and 5200 meters above sea level and then return to the starting point of the circuit. Exploring an amazing and remote path.

We are waiting for you in “Rainbow Mountain Cusco.” The 07 Colors Mountain