Do you know how to get to the famous Seven Colors Mountain or “Rainbow Mountain” in Cusco ?, in the following article we will let you know.

The Rainbow Mountain is located in a small town called Pitumarca, province of Quispicanchis in the Cusco region.

To get to this tourist spot, you must first board a car that will depart from the city of Cusco, bound for Pitumarca (travel time is approximately 03 hours),then you have to take a path to reach the rural community of pampa chiri. Then you should walk about 5km towards the mountain (there is also the option to go on horseback).

It is recommended to bring snacks, water and energizers.

In this way you can appreciate the beauty of the valley as small lagoons, streams, fauna of the area among others, with the passing of the minutes you will be able to appreciate how everything is changing, the colors of the mountains, the composition of the floors until you can contemplate the famous Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca, thus generating a very surreal image of the area.

Finally they will reach an approximate of 5200 meters above sea level which is the top of the Rainbow Mountain from where you can take photos and videos.

This way the return path is undertaken passing through the same places of the outward journey.